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Financial Inclusion

Check out the Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference agenda

Tue, August 14, 2012
This participatory and demand-driven learning event provides a learning platform for funders, practitioners, technical assistance providers, policy makers, and researchers working to increase and improve economic opportunities for young people.

Helping Smallholders Make the Most of Maize Through Loans and Storage Technology: Evidence From Tanzania After-Event Resources

Thu, February 8, 2018
View event resources from February's Microlinks/Agrilinks/OFDA joint event, "Helping Smallholders Make the Most of Maize Through Loans and Storage Technology: Evidence from Tanzania."

Expanding Financial Inclusion in Africa Learning Event: Dissemination of Performance and Results

Mon, September 18, 2017
This event will share learning on Catholic Relief Services' Expanding Financial Inclusion Africa (EFI) project.

Financial Inclusion, Stability, Integrity, and Protection: Philippines

Thu, July 13, 2017
Under the right circumstances, financial inclusion, stability, integrity, and consumer protection (I-SIP) can be positively related, and the failure to consider any one of these objectives can lead to problems.

National Survey and Segmentation of Smallholder Households, Bangladesh

Thu, July 13, 2017
CGAP conducted a survey of smallholder households in Bangladesh in 2016, which explored the agricultural and nonagricultural activities, financial practices and interests, and challenges and aspirations of smallholder families.

Vulnerability Assessment Methodologies: A Review of the Literature (2nd Edition)

Thu, May 4, 2017
This literature review provides an overview of the tools and methods used to measure vulnerability, as pertains to development interventions focused on economic strengthening, at the population level as well as the household and individual level.

Revenue Capital: Reducing, Rewarding and Realigning Risk

Thu, April 6, 2017
This Microlinks seminar explored key features of the revenue capital approach, why it works and how it can be leveraged to finance SMEs around the world.

What Does Financial Inclusion Mean for Women and Girls Today?

Tue, April 12, 2016
We are getting closer to appropriate and comprehensive financial inclusion for women and girls.

Deadline Extended: Call for Cases from Feed the Future Programs - Learning for Gender Integration and Women’s Empowerment

Wed, April 6, 2016
USAID is issuing a call for cases from Feed the Future programs about Learning for Gender Integration and Women's Empowerment.

Financial Diaries with Smallholder Families

Wed, March 9, 2016
How do small-scale agricultural producers manage their money, and what do their strategies tell us about their need for financial tools?