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State of Measurement in the SBG Sector

Thu, December 21, 2017
This paper provides an update on the state of measurement practice in the SGB sector.

Innovating the Future of Food Systems

Mon, December 11, 2017
GKI's new report, supported by The Rockefeller Foundation, examines the innovations need to reduce post-harvest loss and transform food systems in emerging markets over the next 20 years.

Youth Compass: A Strategic Guide to Strengthen Youth Activities

Tue, December 5, 2017
The Youth Compass is used to strengthen a youth activity to maximize positive effects on youth stakeholders and the achievement of results.

Information Economy Report 2017: Digitalization, Trade, and Development

Tue, December 5, 2017
The Information Economy Report 2017 looks at trends in digitalization and examines how information and communications technologies are having an increasing impact on global trade and development.

Business Environment Reform and Gender

Fri, December 1, 2017
Gender-sensitive reform of the complex conditions that govern business activities can positively impact women’s economic empowerment, support the fight against poverty and contribute to business and macroeconomic performance.

The Inclusive Business Scan

Tue, November 14, 2017
Rikolto, with support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has developed the Inclusive Business Scan (powered by SenseMaker) to organize real-time feedback on inclusive business in smallholder supply chains.

Reaching Deep in Low-Income Markets

Tue, November 14, 2017
This report analyzes 20 enterprises serving the BOP across multiple sectors to determine which characteristics help them to be more successful, assessing factors such as asset intensity, push vs pull products, and the types of income segments served.

Shaping Inclusive Markets: How Funders and Intermediaries Can Help Markets Move Toward Greater Economic Inclusion

Tue, November 7, 2017
This report explores how positive progress in markets actually happens with the aim of refining approaches to better support the changes that reshape markets toward greater economic inclusion.

The Evidence is In: How Should Youth Employment Programs in Low-Income Countries Be Designed?

Wed, October 11, 2017
This paper outlines the economic development challenges that constrain youth’s transition into employment, and it parses the evidence on which programs and policies appear to speed that transition.

mSTAR/Bangladesh Final Evaluation

Tue, September 26, 2017

Adaptive Management in Practice: A Market Systems Application in Bangladesh (After Event Resources)

Wed, September 6, 2017
View post-event resources from Microlinks' webinar, Adaptive Management in Practice: A Market Systems Application in Bangladesh.