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Connected through Service: Diaspora Volunteers and Global Development (Presentation and Screencast)

Diaspora Engagement Seminar #4
Rebecca Davidson, Tarek Nabhan, Shital Shah
CUSO-VSO, IESC, Indicorps
United States Agency for International Development
September 28, 2011

On September 28, 2011 during the Diaspora Engagement Seminar #4, Rebecca Davidson from CUSO-VSO, Tarek Nabhan from International Executive Service Corps and Indicorps fellow Shital Shah discussed the various Diaspora volunteer programs that exist in their respective organizations. The speakers also gave insights on certain characteristics that differentiate Diaspora volunteers from non-diaspora volunteers which include cultural familiarity, linguistic knowledge and a unique set of motivations that foster long term engagement.

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Sep 28, 2011   15:57

Here is the link to David Brooks' New York Times Article, "The Rugged Altruism" that was recommended by one of the panelists.