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Making Markets Work for the Poor: Experience, Results and Lessons from Katalyst Bangladesh (Screencast and Presentation)

Breakfast Seminar #57
Prashant Rana
United States Agency for International Development
March 24, 2011

At the March 24, 2011 Breakfast Seminar, Prashant Rana from Swisscontact presented on Katalyst, a Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) project. According to the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development, “the central idea [of M4P] is that the poor are dependent on market systems for their livelihoods. Therefore changing those market systems to work more effectively and sustainably for the poor will improve their livelihoods and consequently reduce poverty.”

Prashant Rana's presentation illustrates how Swisscontact's Katalyst Program in Bangladesh uses markets to benefit low-income populations.

Click to play this Breakfast Seminar presentation

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Did You Know...

Katalyst Bangladesh increased targeted farmers' income by US $3.5 million.
Comments (2)
Mar 28, 2011   09:33

Several times during his presentation, Prashant mentioned handouts that we had received and could refer to. I did not see any handouts and wonder if you are going to make them available here.

It was a great presentation and I want to congratulate QED and USAID for including Katalyst / Swisscontact in the series. There is so much good work being done by many different donors and programs and sharing their experiences and information with the primarily USAID / US NGO community is a wonderful step forward in learning for everyone.

Thank you!

  Gail Carter


Mar 28, 2011   11:06

Hi Gail,

Thank you for your feedback.  The handout we provided was of slide 12 of Prashant's presentation, as we felt it was a busy slide and might be hard for the audience to see.  The PDF of the presentation is located on the breakfast page, if you'd like another copy of the slide 12 handout.

We appreciate your regular attendance at the Breakfast Seminars and look forward to seeing you next month.

Best regards,