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Trade-Based Solutions to Food Insecurity

Gerald Makau Masila, Tshililo Ramabulana, Lisa Walker, Yohannes Assefa
Eastern Africa Grain Council, USAID Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub, USAID/Kenya and East Africa Office of Regional Economic Integration, USAID East Africa Trade and Investment Hub
January 31, 2018

Despite the potential for intra-regional trade of grains to improve food security in sub-Saharan Africa, in practice, these commercial transactions have been fraught with logistics challenges and non-tariff barriers. USAID's Trade and Investment Hubs are working to overcome these issues in coordination with government and private sector actors working in partnership with the Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC).

Microlinks and Agrilinks held a webinar on January 31 revealing how the Hubs and EAGC facilitated these deals in Addis Ababa, Lusaka, and Kigali. Speakers focused on the lessons learned, results achieved, and challenges still ahead.

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