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Viewing Value Chain and Household Finance From a Demand Perspective (Event Resources)

After Hours #58
Geoffrey Chalmers, Jason Agar
ACDI/VOCA, Kadale Consultants Limited
United States Agency for International Development
February 16, 2012

Financial access can be critical to reducing hunger and poverty in three ways. First, financial access for agricultural value chain development is needed throughout the value chain to achieve broad-based economic growth for low-income households. Second, diversification out of agriculture is a hallmark of economic growth, but rural entrepreneurs require financial access in order to invest in non-farm enterprises. Third, access to financial services enables rural households to meet regular and unexpected consumption and social demands, without having to divert financing from investment opportunities.

"Rural and Agricultural Finance: Taking Stock of Five Years of Innovations" researches and categorizes the principal challenges facing the agricultural and rural sectors. The report takes stock of the financial services initiatives around the world since 2006 that form part of the “innovations frontiers” in addressing these challenges. The paper’s framework emphasizes the inter-relation between the agricultural value chain, the non-farm enterprise, and the rural household. The presenters discuss findings from this paper, focusing on the ways in which these three areas overlap.

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Comments (2)
Feb 15, 2012   17:29

In Vanuatu, a rural household faces great difficulties accessing financial services to invest in agricultural opportunities. Resarches and Innovation developed such as these are helpful. As a project officer, am interested in buliding up my capacity from these resources to empower farmers, the confidence, to access financial services. In Vanuatu, unexpected consumption and social demands (i.e.-cultural obligations) often have farmers divert finance to invest in farming activities. Having equipped with these resources, farmers will have the capacity to face these challenges.

Feb 28, 2012   21:49

Hi All,

Visit to see my reflection on the presentation by Geoffrey and Jason on the subject "Viewing Value Chain and Household Finance from a Demand Perspective."